Diluvion Download Game PC – 3DM Crack – Torrent

Diluvion Download Game PC – 3DM Crack – Torrent


New informations – about games and our Diluvion Download PC:

Diluvion is designed for PCs hybrid zręcznościowego simulator with strategy game. During the play we follow the crew of the submarine trying to earn a living in a world where all of humanity has been forced to exist under the surface of the ocean.


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Screenshot Game:

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7, 10
    • Processor: Intel i5 (or equivalent)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 300 (or equivalent)
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 4 GB available space

Informations about Diluvion PC Game

Diluvion Download Game is released for Windows PC arcade simulator enhanced strategic elements. Production has developed a peanut Games, known for, among others, the game Ballpoint Universe.


The action takes place a fantastic universe, many centuries after the giant flood has forced humanity to live under water. At the beginning of the Diluvion crack 3dm the way back to the surface long ago it was cut off by a thick layer of ice. Ocean has become the new home of the human race and nothing to show for it, to have had a change in the future. My takes on the captain, who had just received his first ship with the crew.


In terms of gameplay mechanisms Diluvion Download Free combines zręcznościowego simulator with the strategy deals with the management of the crew. Campaign structure allows a lot of freedom – they decide where to go and what tasks to undertake. Current is also the main storyline, but only depends on us whether we will participate in the related adventures.

During the play explores fully three-dimensional and open the underwater world. Many of its regions is bathed in darkness; then the effective use sonar navigation. However make use of it very carefully, because the activation information about our location as monsters and other ships. The fight is mostly arcade, and the unit has a number of departments on different types of ammunition and torpedo launchers.

With all of this has been integrated strategic management system crew – after the start we see a two-dimensional vertical section of the ship, where we can see all of his subordinates in real time the performance of their tasks. Developed during the campaign skills directly affect how behaves the entire unit. For example, an experienced helmsman provides us with greater maneuverability and talented gunner better accuracy. In addition, most subordinates are able to function independently, allowing them to entrust part of the tasks and thus relieving the player.


Compelled into the deep oceans by a Great Flood that happened countless centuries ago, humanity now lives trapped under a thick layer of unbreakable ice as well as their survival hangs by a tenuous thread. Nonetheless, their penchant for perseverance is powerful, plus a new civilization has appeared with distinct kingdoms, religions and cultures. By a twist of fate you, an aspiring submarine captain, have been given the honor of controlling your first sub. With a courageous crew at your command, at this point you venture into the unknown on a search to discover humankind’s greatest secret.

Explore the risks of the depths in this wonderfully recognized flooded world, and unearth untold riches and glory. Find the remnants of civilization in numerous exceptional towns and learn their local lore, trade stories and treasure, and hire crew new members.

Always improve each of the Diluvion download pc 9 exceptional pilotable subs using a deep upgrade system, and earn access to areas that are new and loot. Find numerous forms of torpedoes and cannons to help you assemble your own unique crew to endure it alongside you, and defeat the dangers of the deep. Whether you want to play as a hushed hunter or a firearms blazing dreadnought, arrange weapons and your crew members to fit your playstyle.

Game Features:

A Beautiful Underwater World to Explore: Three magnificently and enormous realized open sea zones to explore, each with their own factions, local reports and more

Advanced Combination of 2D & 3D Graphics: Experience the mysteries of the profound in beautifully rendered 3D images as you navigate your submarine, and seamlessly change to meticulously hand-painted 2D graphics when investigating towns and cities

Thrilling Realtime Submarine Combat: Use an arsenal of submerged weapons to participate in life-or-death firefights with deadly terrifying creatures and other submarines

Crew Recruitment: Gather your own unique crew to fight alongside you by recruiting different Gunners Helmsmen and Sonar Technicians. Utilize every one of characters and their unique abilities to alter the stream of combat and exploration.

Upgradable Submarines: By getting new weapons that could radically change the tide of battle, continuously enhance your vessel

9 Pilotable Submarines: Research the world to uncover 9 unique pilotable subs, each with their very own feel, strengths and weaknesses – Diluvion crack cpy.

Resource Management: This world is not for the faint of heart, as resources are limited and survival is a constant conflict. You’ll have to manage oxygen amounts and your food supplies should you wish to keep your crew alive and beat the hazards of the sea

Upgradeable Home Base: Construct- and grow your own base of operations under the sea to house all your stand by subs and crew members. Upgrade your base to increase your notoriety and wealth, as upgraded bases can also place valuable opportunities, including bars and uncommon item retailers with sailors that are notorious as patrons.

Loot System: The world is full of uncommon loot and concealed quests to discover…. Particularly for individuals who dare to venture off the beaten trail Diluvion crack pc
Terrifying Underwater Foes: Explore the world and analyze your bravery against mysterious undersea anomalies and giant sea creatures!

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