Final Fantasy VII Remake PC Free Download – Torrent

Final Fantasy VII Remake PC Free Download – Torrent


A new version of one of the most popular jRPG games of all time, developed by Square Enix. To avoid skipping anything from the original production, it was decided to release Final Fantasy VII Remake in several parts.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is a refreshed version of one of the most popular jRPGs ever released on PlayStation 4. The project was developed by Square Enix. The creators of Final Fantasy VII Remake tried to faithfully reflect the concept of the original. Therefore, we get a classic Japanese RPG, in which we explore locations, conduct conversations, develop statistics and fight. Some elements, however, have been adapted to the modern assumptions of game design – even if the fight has a much more dynamic character. The total reconstruction of the graphic page focused on a better balance of realism and stylization. To avoid skipping anything from the original production, it was decided to release the game in several parts.

The campaign takes us to the world known as Gaia, where industrial technologies combine with traditional fantasy elements. The main character is Cloud Strife – a former soldier and mercenary who joins the Avalanche resistance movement and, together with several companions, stands against the powerful Shinra corporation. This company exploits the planet’s life energy for profit and thus can lead to the destruction of the whole world.

The action of the first part of the remake focuses on the city of Midgar, reflecting the history of the original and significantly expanding it.

Remake focused on the TPP perspective and dynamic clashes typical of modern action RPGs. The novelty of the series is a hybrid combat system combining real time with the tactical elements known from the turn-based original system. We can block and avoid opponent’s blows. Basic attacks work like a typical slasher and load the ATB (Active Time Battle) bar; when it fills up to the appropriate level, we can launch slow motion to use a skill, spell or item. Each of these actions lowers its level, so there is no way to use healing potions with impunity. The “stagger” status mechanic has been added (known since the thirteenth installment), after which we put more damage on the opponent. There was also a “limit break” – a special skill available after charging the bar with the damage received. The “matter” system has also returned – weapon upgrades with special skills, the ability to use which also depends on the ATB (and MP) belt. Keyboard shortcuts are also available for the most-used actions, which makes clashes even faster. During the fight, we can easily switch between team members.

Technical issues
Yoshinori Kitase, director and screenwriter of the original, supervised the production. Kazushige Nojima returned as a screenwriter, while Tetsuya Nomura is again responsible for directing and character design. Nobuo Uematsu, the creator of the original soundtrack, is responsible for the music. The game has full English dubbing. The remake was created on the Unreal Engine 4 engine and with the help of the Enlighten lighting engine. The first part takes two Blu-Ray discs and offers an area comparable to Final Fantasy XIII. Each part of the remake is an independent game.