For the King Download Game for PC – Crack SKIDROW

For the King Download Game for PC – Crack SKIDROW

New informations – about games and our For the King Download PC:

Combination of turn-based strategy, JRPG and roguelike production. The player goes to the classic fantasy world, and in the course of the game he deals primarily with exploration, collecting useful and valuable items and fighting against opponents. All game content is routinely generated every time a new game starts.

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Screenshot Game:

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.4 GHZ dual core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB GeForce 8800, Radeon 3850, or Intel HD 3000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 6 GB available space

Informations about For the King PC Game

For the King download free is an original genre hybrid, featuring elements of strategy games, jRPG and roguelike. The title was developed by the independent IronOak Games studio and was created for the Windows PC platform.


The For The King cracked is set in the Fahrul Kingdom in the classic fantasy world. After the death of the ruler, the land was plunged into chaos – the queen was left with nothing else to ask for help from her subjects. The player takes control of a team of daredevils who try to face a nationwide dangers.


In the Windows For the King download torrent PC platform, the events are presented in an isometric view. The foundation of the gameplay is exploration – our team moves in turns on a hex map; It is worth mentioning that the land can be traveled both on foot and on board the boat. Because of the situation in the kingdom, the map is swarming with opponents who are not only on the surface, but also in innumerable vaults. So sooner or later comes a clash – the battle is played in turn mode, and success is determined by skillful use of the ability of individual members of the team (to combat we send warriors, archers and magicians, among other things) and the parameters of their equipment. The wound healed can be healed by using the herbs collected along the way and by breaking up the camp.

Interestingly, both the map itself and the adventures waiting for us and events are generated randomly, which significantly increases the value of the replayability index of the described production – because each time you start the game involves different experiences.

Game modes

For the King crack cpy offers a wide range of game modes – playing both individually and in the company of other players. The co-op module allows you to play together in a so-called hot chair and on the Internet.

Technical issues

For the King is characterized by a three-dimensional graphic design of decent quality. The whole was kept in a colorful, cartoon style.

The king is dead, murdered by an unknown striker. Now once the kingdom of Fahrul is in chaos.

Nowhere to the left to turn around and go beyond its means, the queen drew a desperate plea to the citizens of the land to rise and help prevent the tide of an imminent annihilation. Take a make-shift, single player, local or online party. Choose to split your party and cover up more land or stick together to protect. A good strategy can mean the difference between life and death.

For the king is a difficult combination of strategies, elements JRPG Combat and Roguelike. Each game is unique thanks to procedural maps, tasks and events. Fight the inexorable elements, fight the wicked beings, navigate the seas and delve into the dark dungeons. Nobody came back from the trip. Will you be one to put an end to Chaos?

Fight and die as a party in a fast and brutal battle, using a unique system for attacks and special abilities. Find and collect herbs on a trusted pipe to heal wounds and heal illnesses. Establishing safe camps or weighing horrors that bring darkness.

Remember adventures, you do it not because of wealth or fame, but from your village, for the kingdom!

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