Gloria Victis Download Full PC Game Crack Skidrow – Torrent

Gloria Victis Download Full PC Game Crack Skidrow – Torrent


New informations – about games and our Gloria Victis Download PC:

Gloria Victis is a free (free to play) play MMORPG, developed by a team of real estate development studio Black Eye Games. Action is set in a world reminiscent of the Middle Ages. The player directs the actions created by the hero himself and participates in a ruthless struggle for power, fame and wealth. Production is based on the Unity 3D engine.



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System Requirements


    • CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon II X4 with at least 2,3 GHz
      CPU Speed: Info
      RAM: 3 GB
      OS: Windows 7 64-bit
      Video Card: GeForce GTS 250, Radeon HD4850 – at least 1GB GPU memory
      Free Disk Space: 10 GB available space

Informations about Gloria Victis PC Game

What is Gloria Victis?

Gloria Victis Download is a MMORPG set in a medieval world with elements of low fantasy. The main objective of the project is realistic. The game world is an alternative vision of Europe and the Middle East between the X and XV century, with the corresponding period for the nations. What so distinguishes us from the projects created by the big studios, it is team spirit. Gloria Victis crack multiplayer is based on our passion and frustration – frustration at the lack of game medieval-themed, innovative and worthy of sacrifice by the player time and passion to the medieval period. Therefore, do not we follow the financial targets and the desire to create a game that really belongs to the players.

Gloria Victis is an ambitious project independent studio Black Eye. The Game (originally known as the Ether Fields) was created as an alternative to “free” Korean production of MMORPG, where the most medieval realities are presented through the prism of candy colors and detached from reality creatures. Instead, the title offers a dark and mature film narrative and extended depending on the socio-economic virtual world.


Action Gloria Victis download game was located 20 years after the tumultuous events that took the form of wars, crusades and mysterious killings and imprinted its mark across the continent. This does not mean, however, that there was peace. The descendants of the first you made the world still pending with each fight, and the hero guided by the player hits the center of this conflict.

The game world clearly reflects the realities of medieval. The creators decided, however, to implement a fantastic elements (monsters, magic), which are based on authentic beliefs of this period of history.


As befits a game MMORPG gameplay Gloria Victis crack skidrow is based primarily on the exploration of the area, performing tasks and fight against enemies. The player creates his avatar by selecting one of four archetypes of characters. Applied mechanics gives a lot of choice in the development of the hero (no classes and professions).

An important element of fun is to fight. The system of non-target makes the player’s responsibility to keep the attack and avoid enemy hits. Available arsenal of weapons includes many typical medieval melee weapons (eg. Swords, axes) and a spacer (bows, crossbows, etc.).

The creators put a lot of emphasis on the economy of the virtual world and functions to the formation of community in the game. Crafting system includes several different crafts, on which players can produce a variety of items. During the game it is possible to establish and join a guild and create a team of adventurers.

Technical issues

In technical terms, Gloria Victis download full game is based on the Unity 3D engine (an earlier version of the game – Ether Fields based on our proprietary engine Baroque). This translates into an attractive, abounding in detail visuals. The advantage of the game is the soundtrack in the style of medieval musical compositions.

Experience a medieval society in Gloria Victis, an upcoming MMORPG title from Black Eye Games. The game has been Greenlit by the Steam community and received remarkable interest for its nonlinear quests and storyline that is mature. Gamers interested in supporting the game can buy pre-alpha access on the Gloria Victis website. On your adventures, make sure to utilize the Official Gloria Victis crack 3dm Wiki to find out more about items and access game tutorials.

Fight in MMO battles that are grand or master your craft that is chosen in Gloria Victis’s expansive world. You’ll rely on building crafting, and fighting to prosper in this realistic, medieval setting. The game’s storyline was co-created with Maciej Jurewicz and Jacek Komuda, well known writers of The Witcher’s story script. The wide-ranging dialogues and breathtaking stories in Gloria Victis restore a roleplaying component that many other MMORPG’s sometimes leave behind. Additional game features include:

Realistic Fight – Non- target combat and real medieval gear are just two crucial features of the game’s combat system.

Rich Social System – Boom in a living society by functioning as a vassal or becoming a strong overlord. Create guilds, capture lands, and shape the market around you.

Complicated Progression – Earn stats and abilities to become exactly who you’d like to be – there are not any borders in Gloria Victis.

Non-instanced Home – fortify it with your guildmates and Construct your house.

Vast World –, brutal Travel through a non-case world and discover early treasure while enduring the dangers of the world around you.

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