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Inner Chains it delivered to PCs FPS game. During the play explores terrifying biomechanical world, the majority of the population does not dream about anything other than tear us apart. Production has considerable freedom to choose the way to the purpose and methods of combating enemies.

Inner Chains Download PC are designed for PCs first person shooter kept in a climate of horror. This is the debut project of the Warsaw studio Telepath’s Tree, founded by industry veterans native who previously were employed in such companies as CD Projekt Red, People Can Fly and Flying Wild Hog.



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System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+, 2.6GHz
Video Card: 512 MB Nvidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 3870
Free Disk Space: 4 GB

Informations about games:


The game takes us to the terrifying biomechanical world and makes every step of the fight for survival. All locations have been designed to elicit from the players a sense of confusion and uncertainty, but also play a specific role in the universe created by the authors. A large part of the story is revealing through exploration, allowing us alone to explore further fragments of knowledge about the world Inner Chains Crack Download.


Inner Chains Download Full Game is a classic FPS game. We observe the action so the sight of a hero, and the fun lies mainly in the exploration of the world and eliminating enemies. Maps are largely open, and the whole is designed such that for almost always led to several alternative routes. Equally we get a lot of freedom in the choice of methods to eliminate enemies. In depriving the enemy of life are especially useful elements of the environment.

Technical issues

Inner Chains Crack working offers an attractive three-dimensional graphics, built on the basis of Unreal Engine 4. In developing the appearance and location as the main source of inspiration for the authors of the works were Polish artist Tomasz Strzałkowski.

An FPS horror game set in a surreal, dark and fatal biomechanical world which resembles nothing you have ever encountered.

On earth of Inner Chains Download PC, you don’t get to create the rules. You are merely a little part of a hostile, universe that is unwelcoming. If you want to survive, the only thing you can do will be to try and discover its secrets.

A planet. Distant future. A stone floating in space, no longer resembling what it had once been. Without human interference, nature has begun to adapt to the new states, reclaiming what was once brought by individuals. In its everlasting pursuit of perfection, it has begun to assimilate with the forgotten technology, giving life to biomechanical beings.

Left to its own devices, man made technology has also altered as it strove to adapt to the new environment. Evolution cannot be stopped, so a strong symbiosis soon developed between nature and technology, making it difficult to determine what exactly is mechanical in the world of Inner Chains Crack and what’s alive.

After several million years of development that is biomechanical, humanity has yet again become a vital part of the ecosystem. However, its period of development could be in comparison with the Middle Ages of our civilization. As a result, the human race, control the strong technology or ignorant to its own history, cannot fully grasp. The people living in the world of Inner Chains crack accept this scenario as natural and focus on using the planet’s resources of to their edge. There’s something that hasn’t changed through the millennia: social mechanics governing human life, for example exploitation, dominance, oppression or religion. They’ve caused the emergence of multiple castes, and later to the supremacy of a particular group which learned them nicely, had found these mechanisms first and used them to rise to power. The other castes had to submit, looking with hope for a brighter future to the leaders.

As among the inhabitants of this world, your head filled with the teachings of the Ruling Caste, you’ve only one goal: to get to a mythical place and leave this sick, degenerated, dying planet once and for all. You embark on your own journey filled with fanatical passion, but it becomes clear that nothing is what it appears in this odd universe. To find your role in it, overcome your own weaknesses, face hostile fauna and flora, you’ll need to fight for survival, remain observant to your own setting and explore the secrets of the game’s planet. Your survival depends completely on your own watchfulness, plausible judgment, fast reflexes, truth and the skill to use your surroundings in your favor.

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