Mutant Football League Download PC Game Crack Multiplayer

Mutant Football League Download PC Game Crack Multiplayer

Mutant Football League download pc game

New informations – about games and our Mutant Football League Download Game:

Mutant Football League is a handcrafted arcade game developed for PCs. It allows you to participate in violent matches reminiscent of the general principles of American football. In them two teams of mutants, demons, skeletons and other monsters use all available methods to win.

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Screenshot Game:

Mutant Football League torrent Mutant Football League crack multiplayer cpy 3dm skidrow

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7 or Newer
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 260 or ATI 4850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space

Informations about Mutant Football League PC Game

Mutant Football League Download free is a PC-based arcade sports game that deals with fictional discipline, a parody of American football. It is the heir to the production of the same title, released in 1993 on the Sega Mega Drive 16-bit console. The project came out of the hands of the employees of Digital Dreams Entertainment, and producer Michael Mendheim took part in the production.


The Mutant Football League crack skidrow is in the near future, many years after the nuclear war led to the destruction of most human civilizations. To make matters worse, the strength of this cataclysm was so devastating that it led to the mutants, the demons, and the bodies of the dead.

Post-apocalyptic reality does not mean, however, that the inhabitants of our planet have ceased to love sports. They only suffered a major transformation and the title of the Football League of Mutants is very popular.


Mutant Football League download torrent allows you to participate in the arcade game of brutal sport, a parody of American football. Two seven-man teams are fighting on the pitch, consisting of beings of all sizes and abilities. Among them will meet not only the title mutants, but also aliens, animated skeletons, demons or combat robots. Altogether there are thirty teams in the game and each of them has other players.

During the fun, the team we choose will try to win the season, which consists of thirteen clashes. The game is very brutal, so most teams do not get to the end of the game. Competitors use, among others. With knuckles, clubs, war axes, chain saws, and even grenades. The stadiums themselves are deadly places and offer such attractions as traps, mines, lava pools, toxic gas clouds or thin ice that can crack at any moment. There is also a weather system, including. Thunderstorms or precipitation that are sour enough to melt even the most durable armor.

Players may be able to help themselves with impure activities such as bribing a judge. In addition, each team has its own stars with many special abilities.
An additional attraction in the Mutant Football League crack cpy is the ability to create a team from scratch, from its name to its characters.

Mutant Football League is a football game where you can choose from 14 unique teams or 3 All-Star Teams to play online or offline, solo, co-op or head-to-head. Players can win by scoring more points than the opposition or literally deciding the opposing team, so they must lose. The choice is yours! This is another generation, the spiritual successor of the classic retro game, Mutant League Football with beautiful 3D graphics and impressive top effects.


Online and offline multiplayer for 2 to 4 players – Competitive and collaborative – so you can laugh with your friends and then crush them under the curtains.

A new beginning …

Mutant Football League cracked is a completely new and completely original form of the game of monster mashup, which is addictive in attitude and comic violence. The overall presentation of the MFL was revisited from its predecessors, but the same sense of urgency that inseparable part of true football characterizes our game. In short, stimulating our MFL game is on steroids!

Thanks to the suggestions of the fans and the prodding of the community, we enriched MFL’s humorous moments, which can range anywhere from a stupid, politically incorrect, MFL figure to having no problem, given their personal attributes and individual attitudes. You will not be disappointed with the heroes, the animations and the general spirit of our game – unless you are one of these people.

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