Nights of Azure Download Game for PC – Crack and Torrent

Nights of Azure Download Game for PC – Crack and Torrent


New informations – about games and our Nights of Azure Download PC:

Action RPG made by the creators of the series Atelier. We play as possessing special powers warrior who must protect a priestess aimed at saving affected by the curse of the kingdom. The title offers a comprehensive combat system, in which we can use demonic helpers.



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Q: How do you compress games? With what tools?
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Screenshot Game:

nights-of-azure-torrent nights-of-azure-crack

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit or newerProcessor: Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.8 Ghz or AMD Phenom X4Memory: 4 GB RAMGraphics: Radeon HD 7770 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 TiHard Drive: 8 GB available space

Informations about Rising Thunder PC Game

Nights of Azure Download Game platform Windows PC is an action RPG set in an original fantasy world. Is responsible for the creation of the Japanese studio Gust, known mainly thanks to a series Atelier and Ar tonelico that first debuted on the PlayStation 2. Since 2014 years the studio is part of the company Koei Tecmo, one of the largest producers of games from Japan. Nights of Azure is the second after the Ar Nosurge original and significant project team, which is not included in any of its major brands, as well as the first action game developer in the directory.


Action Nights of Azure crack skidrow takes place in an isolated island kingdom called Ruswal. Its inhabitants must contend with the curse, which makes after dark on the streets of the capital appear demonic creatures, subjected to terrifying Nightlorda. Few are able to emerge victorious from a meeting with monsters. One of those is, however, arnica as with the demonic powers protagonist of the title. It is intended to protect the priestess Lilysse, which, if you believe the legends, devoting his life to destroy the curse imposed on Ruswal. Over time, this mission is becoming increasingly difficult for the two heroines. Arnica is slowly forced to reject his humanity, and Lilysse reconciled with imminent death.


Nights of Azure download pc is an action RPG, using a formula known from many games hack and slash. The game is presented from the perspective of a third person, and players can freely move the camera traveling through another three-dimensional locations. During the game arnica, an impression is counted among the major quests, adopt a series of sentences fringe, consisting largely on the elimination of the following creatures in various parts of Ruswal. Our starting point is the hotel Ende, in which we can talk to various NPCs, choose used skills, and level up experience.

During the fight Arnica has a simple attacks with weapons, special abilities, as well as alternative forms of combat, which change the appearance and increase the force of the blows. The heroine does not have to contend with opponents of same – may be accompanied by Serva, demon helpers. We gain them defeating the different types of demons. Depending on the type, SERV can support and heal the protagonist or take a purely offensive.

Technical issues

Nights of Azure crack Windows PC does not offer any fireworks graphics, but provides a fast game without a loss of performance. Noteworthy, however, three-dimensional character models made with great attention to detail. The game also offers upbeat soundtrack, which is characteristic of virtually all production studio Gust.


The game features an RPG battle system where characters fight alongside contracted devils known as Servan. These devils could be summoned during conflict through the use of SP, and are categorised into attacker and support types. They gain new skills as they become stronger through subsequent conflicts. The player accepts quests and performs customisations at the Resort, when not taking orders to progress battling enemies or the story.[
Arnice can also land attack chains using heavy, light and unique attacks, with each chain gradually filling a transformation gauge. When complete, the player can activate a transformation which increases power that is attacking. Her demon type allows her to control flames, while her rabbit sort centers on speed and melee combat, and her phantom form improves her retrieval capabilities. She’s also capable to transform her blood into various kinds of blood power weapons determined by the scenario, like daggers and longswords, which change her strike moveset and the skills of devils that are summoned.
The Nights of Azure crack game also features an optional arena where players earn rewards and can take on various challenges, and these include battles with particular limitations put upon them and fighting against enemies within a labyrinth.

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