Project Wight Download Game PC Crack CPY – Torrent

Project Wight Download Game PC Crack CPY – Torrent


New informations – about games and our Project Wight Download PC:

The first-person action game with elements of stealth, which takes on a dangerous beast fighting for survival in a land dominated by the valiant Vikings. The game has created an independent band The Outsiders, founded by David Goldfarb, chief designer of Battlefield 3, and the director of the game Payday 2.

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System Requirements


    • CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E8400 VS AMD E 300
      RAM: 2 GB
      OS: Windows XP / Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10  32 Bit
      Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5670 512MB OR Graphic card Nvidia 8600 GT 512mb Graphic card
      Direct X dx 9 / 10 / 11 / compatible
      Sound Card: YES
      Free Disk Space: 10 GB

Informations about Project Wight PC Game

Project Wight is a first person action game with elements of stealth released for PC Windows, which takes on a dangerous beast fighting for survival in a land dominated by the valiant Vikings. The title was created in an independent, a dozen or so band The Outsiders, based in Stockholm. Co-founder of the studio is David Goldfarb, who previously worked as chief designer and director of Battlefield 3 game Payday 2.


Project Wight Download PC is set in an alternate version of the early Middle Ages Viking Age, inspired by the legend of Beowulf. In addition to the Nordic warriors, rocky areas inhabited Scandinavia representatives of a forgotten race of intelligent beast (the title of “wights” – ang. “Ghosts”). It was in one of these creatures take on a player. At the beginning we follow a very young subject who has the time, however, it matures and becomes more and more deadly.


The gameplay in Project Wight crack cpy changes with the progress of the player. Initially, the game is more like a stealth game – for the youth of our ward is very weak and can not fight back, and the only way to avoid the death of swords and axes Viking is hiding in the shadows and escape to places inaccessible to humans (eg. A narrow rock crevices). In the later stages of the beast learns to violently argue with opponents, run fast, and even soar or emit the deafening roar of enemies.

Technical issues

Project Wight crack 3dm on a Windows PC was founded on Unity engine, which generates detailed 3D graphics and realistic lighting effects. Due to the place of action games, dominated by subdued colors and locations are often bathed in the dim light.

About the game

The project Wight download game is an RPG created by the developer-team “The Outsiders” from Sweden. Under the influence of monster movies, poetry, surreal, heavy metals and many album covers of pop cultural aspects and mythical, the team is working on a completely different kind of RPG. This time the player is not powerful knight, or just another hero, but the very essence of which is to survive in a fictional world with elements of viking that almost eliminated most of its kind.

At present, date of issue “Project Wight download free” is still not clear and will be announced in the future. System requirements are also unknown so far.

Enigmatic, subversive group of misfits looks to challenge everything you know about RPG

The project Wight crack full unlocked is not a regular RPG. Turning focus to the person on the other side of the sword, it offers a unique spin on the well-known form, which can only come from a team that are doing things your way. Modeled on the labels and theater groups, The Outsiders are not disrupted bucking convention. They include ‘punk rock ethos “instead of the typical start-up model. The result? An addictive, subversive game concept is turning heads long before pre-production.

Mythical origins

Exclusively revealed on stage Unite ’16 in Los Angeles, the project Wight points for the game thoughtfully crafted RPG with a large separate issue. Instead of seeing the hero in charge to destroy the NPC asks what the trail RPG is like from the perspective of other characters in the game – the public.

Given the variety of influences, Project Wight is inspired by monster movies, poetry, surreal, heavy metal album covers and many other sources that fascinate team record.
Perhaps the most significant is the original inspiration for Goldfarb – read the novel as a young man, Grendel, which tells part of the poem Beowulf from the perspective of the antagonist. Today, as it was twenty years ago, in 1971 the book harmonizes with the instinct developer, that the most compelling stories are those that belong to the misfits.

Talking Shop

For a small team with big ambitions, Asset Store proves still powerful as The Outsiders build on their vision of the project Wight. This is one of the reasons Goldfarb, cousins and select a pool of colleagues were able to move the gray-box prototype with captivating demo can be seen here in the blistering pace.

The speed at which we were able to work in the grey box environment, and throw in assets from the Asset Store, and integrate AI frameworks so that we didn’t have to write a whole bunch of AI ourselves was incredible.” – Ben Cousins

The quality goes Outsiders also means the project Wight may be their only game. This is not because they expect not. On the contrary, the team is confident of its success will allow them to grow as a single IP-studio, potentially spinning game with a variety of other media. This approach partly inspired by a colleague Stockholm studio Mojang. The Outsiders are not afraid to strive to achieve in Minecraft, demonstrating how ambitious they are.

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