Serial Cleaner Download Game PC Crack 3DM and Torrent

Serial Cleaner Download Game PC Crack 3DM and Torrent


New informations – about games and our Serial Cleaner Download PC:

In the style of retro action game with elements of stealth, reproducing the climate of America gangster 70s of the last century. During the play takes on the character of the title cleaner, whose task is cleaning the crime scene behind patrolling policemen.


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Screenshot Game:

serial-cleaner-crack-cpy-3dm serial-cleaner-torrent

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 2 2,5GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT 512MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 7 GB available space

Informations about Serial Cleaner PC Game

Serial Cleaner Download PC is maintained in the atmosphere of America 70 years old-school stealth game inspired by such movies as Fargo and Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino. Production was released on the PC platform Windows, and for the creation of corresponding native, Krakow studio iFun4all having account, among others, two original arcade game Red Without a Great Name and Green Game: TimeSwapper.


The story is a perverse variation on the story of the serial killer. The main character enters the game for the action when the corpses have fallen – in the title “Serial cleaner crack cpy”, specializing in cleaning crime scenes, or getting rid of the bodies, dispose of evidence and removing blood stains. The Serial Cleaner download game going to be able to feel like Winston Wolf from the cult Pulp Fiction. The impression is further underlined by the fact that the game approaches the topic with a grain of salt: the protagonist is called “deadly” mustache and never leaves the house without a fashionable, tight trousers and large, tinted glasses.


Serial Cleaner crack 3dm is a dynamic action game with elements of stealth, in which the missions are modeled on real crime scenes from the 70s during play goal of the players is the effective “clean” them in such a way as not to be detected by nosy passers-by and patrolling police officers. The task somewhat easier by the fact that we usually deal with the cops, who are not particularly concerned with the seriousness of their work. A perfect example of this can be by the fact that they cease to look for the hero whenever they lose sight of it, telling myself that earn too little to devote to the case. Production studios iFun4all allows us a lot of freedom of action, exploration of new business and the ability to make quick decisions and experiment with different solutions to the same problem, and each of the levels can include a variety of ways.

Technical issues

Released on the PC platform Windows game Serial Cleaner has a two-dimensional artwork in retro style isometric projection and camera, which can arouse associations with a series of Hotline Miami. Graphic style vividly captures the atmosphere of America, however, the 70s of last century, drawing inspiration from the work of artists such as Matthew Lyons and Moebious. Very interesting is the fact that the game uses the Real-World Data, or information retrieved from the real world and use them to modify the conditions of the game. For example, if you sit down to play at night, in the virtual world of the darkness falls, which will, among others, at the sight character and behavior of police officers.

About this Game

Private Cleaner is a storyline, fast-paced game Stealth / share, has been the main theme of 1970 and aesthetics.


The protagonist is a professional vacuum cleaner, which means that it takes care of cleaning the scene of murders by the authorities disposal, covering the blood stains and hide the murder weapon and other incriminating evidence. He takes on the job without asking, working jobs for shady mafia, and taking on the work of mystery shoppers, which put him in harm’s way … more than what is convenient.


It is a dynamic stealth game, where the player must learn how to choose the location of pure evidence, and not get caught. Explore, experiment and quick decision-making are the keywords here. Caught and interrogated would put a black mark on his career a hero and the environment rife with itchy fingers policemen.


Private Cleaner is humorous, somewhat macabre approach to its subject matter, and not take myself too seriously. Just look at the hero. It is a 30-ish man with a sharp sense of style and distinctive look of the 70s, with a mustache, large sunglasses and tight pants.


fully realized in 1970 inspired setting
Just look at the artistic style!
humor and atmosphere inspired by films such as Fargo and Pulp Fiction
fun approach to solving each level that rewards exploration and experimentation

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