Tacoma Download Game for PC – Crack SKIDROW

Tacoma Download Game for PC – Crack SKIDROW

New informations – about games and our Tacoma Download PC:

Tacoma is an adventure game developed by the Fullbright team. Production puts on a climate of science fiction and takes us on board the title space station, located 200,000 miles from Earth. The authors emphasized primarily the plot and exploration aspects.

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Screenshot Game:

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
    • Processor: 3.0GHz CPU Dual Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce GTX 750 / Radeon R7 260X
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6 GB available space

Informations about Tacoma PC Game

Tacoma download free for PCs is a science-fiction adventure based on the full-bodied FPP game, Gone Home. Just like in the case of earlier production, this time we are dealing with a title focused mainly on story telling.

The action takes place in 2088. The world has grown considerably in relation to what we face today. Space travel has become available to anyone and no longer has to be a trained astronaut to travel beyond Earth. Players play Amy Ferrier – a woman who is just starting a new job on board a space station, orbiting between the planet and her moon. At the beginning of the adventure, however, it turns out that something is wrong. After arriving we do not find a living soul, and yet the station should be full of employees. In addition, our only contact is the ODIN board computer, which however does not want to reveal what has happened. The task of the player is to unravel the puzzle.

The gameplay is based on site exploration. Due to the fact that the action takes place at a space station, we can check rooms not only by walking on the ground, but also by using special transitions even on the ceilings. This means that you still need to look not only right and left, as in most FPP games, but to carefully watch the entire site where we can find a valuable item or another tip.

During the adventure we discover more secrets, putting them into a logical whole. At the same time, we occasionally find holographic recordings showing the activities of the crew and the relationships between the people working and living in the station.

Tacoma cracked is a narrative adventure on board a high altitude space station in 2088. When you go for your mission, you will examine every detail of how the station crew lived and worked, looking for tips to help you master the story of Confidence, fear and problem solving in the face of disaster.

In the center of Tacoma download full game is a digital surveillance system that captures 3D recordings of the most important moments of the life of the crew at the station. As you explore, the echoes of these gripping moments surround you. You will use the ability to scroll, scroll forward, and navigate through the physical space of these complex, interlaced scenes to explore events from each angle, play a multi-layered narration while touring.

Tacoma crack cpy is another game from the creators of Gone Home and continues this tradition of detailed, engaging and powerful story, attracting players deep into narration than ever before.

Rich story stories Experience:
Six crew members lived and worked at the Tacoma space station, forming relationships, experiencing love and loss, and together with the crisis. Discover not only what happened to these people, but what makes them their role as an interactive researcher. The story is told by a series of fully-articulated and animated interactive AR scenes immersing you in the events of Tacoma.

Breakthrough multi-channel system:
In each part of the station are surrounded by digital representations of crew members who follow their own parallel threads that differ, join and divide again. Rewind, scroll forward, and go through the chronology of those scenes as they spin around you. Your interactive tools allow you to discover tight-fitting narratives from every angle and in every detail.

Deep Interactive Gameworld:
Get to know Tacoma both physically and digitally. Unlock doors and drawers to find significant items, notes, and physical artifacts, while exploring extensive digital crew communications and personal thoughts. Every aspect of the Tacoma crew experience is part of your investigation.

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