Tank Mechanic Simulator Download PC Game – Crack – Torrent

Tank Mechanic Simulator Download PC Game – Crack – Torrent

New informations – about games and our Tank Mechanic Simulator Download Game:

Interesting game for tank lovers used during World War II. Players take on the owner of a museum that seeks, collects and repairs machines of this type.

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Screenshot Game:

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB (GeForce 8600 GT or higher)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 5800 MB available space

Informations about Tank Mechanic Simulator PC Game

Tank Mechanic Simulator download free for Windows PC platform is another, after the Car Mechanic Simulator series, the Truck Mechanic, the Train Mechanic Simulator and the Space Mechanic Simulator, a mechanic simulator issued by the Polish company PlayWay. The project is responsible for the debut studio Degenerals.


Developers have prepared an interesting proposal for tank lovers from World War II. During the fun we play the owner of the museum with this type of machinery, which deals with the collection of information, search for interesting copies and their renovation.


The name Tank Mechanic Simulator cracked can be a little misleading as the game is not based solely on repairing damaged machines. The gameplay takes place in several stages. First we need to get as much information as possible about the machine we are looking for. Once we know where we will find the abandoned vehicle, we will pick up the crew and move on. When traveling with an off-road vehicle, we are looking for a find in the area determined by the information obtained – the more we have, the smaller the area we have to check. Interestingly, the task can be facilitated by talking to local residents. At the last stage of the search we use special tools to determine the exact position of the tank. Then we prepare the place for loading and take the prey.

Before showing a new audience to the audience, we have to restore it to its former glory, because in most cases we have to deal with broken and damaged machines. In the workshop we have to turn them on parts, replace damaged items, get rid of rust, etc. At this stage of play is similar to Car Mechanic Simulator, although not so extensive – we do not have so many parts.

After the renovation has been completed, the tank goes to an exhibition where the visitor is watching it. Interestingly, our role does not end there, because it is worth taking care of, for example, information boards with curiosities about a particular vehicle, or take in and start the machine to the delight of guests.

Technical issues

The Tank Mechanic Simulator download full game, like other mechanical simulators issued by PlayWay, has a pleasing graphic design. Developers paid much attention to accurate modeling of individual tank models that are faithful copies of real machines.


Tank Mechanic Simulator crack skidrow is a game about tanks of World War II, their crews and their contributions to military history. As the owner of the tank museum Find, Recover, Renovate abandoned tanks.

Collect information about abandoned tanks, prepare expedition with so much found data. When you’re ready, start the trip!
Use offroad cars to find forgotten tanks, minimize your search area, use previously found data, or collect information from residents.
Once you have found the final area you need to determine the exact position of the tank using special equipment, set the excavation area and separate the forgotten tank!

Bring it to the store and begin the repair process to restore the lost old glow.

After repairs prove and present the final state of your museum. Not forgetting the history and interesting facts about it, including the history of the crew.

Meet the most iconic tanks of World War II, experiencing hellish war as part of the crew.
Take a look at the infamous PzKpfw VI, the tiger. Spend some time exploring the history of the biggest armored aces such as Michael Wittman and Otto Carius.

As the reservoir owner, the museum organizes special outdoor events for the wider public. Run the engine and loudly!

Expand your museum. Find and recover more tanks!

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