The Sims 4 Discover University Torrent – Free Download DLC PC Game – Crack

The Sims 4 Discover University Torrent – Free Download DLC PC Game – Crack


Here’s what you’ll get:
Browse objects from this package. Among them you will find new costumes and hairstyles for your Sims and interesting objects and decorations to decorate their homes.

Download full version cracked game:

The Sims 4 Discover University.Torrent.-CPY-Cracked.



Get to know the student life
The best years of their lives await your Sims! It’s time to start university. Study philosophy, biology or juice pong. You decide what your student life will look like.

Get to know your university
Enjoy your dorm life or live outside the campus of Britechester University and the Foxbury Institute. Visit a student club or library and wear the colors of your university with pride.

Classes are just taking place
Study whatever you like, including IT, art history and even villainism. You can study or truant, but beware: Your decision will affect your grades.

Meet other students
Meet with friends in the library to study together, or go to the courtyard and kick some football! You decide how you will spend time with your peers. Join an art club, play juice pong or just hang out with roommates.

Express yourself
Show off your unique style with dormitory decorations and impeccable creations. Don’t you like getting dressed for exams? Put on your best tracksuits!

Discover all the attractions offered by the university. Sign up for courses that will help your Sim succeed in the profession of an engineer, teacher or lawyer. Discover robotics and table tennis or prank your school. Study hard, fall asleep to classes and give a high five to a school mascot – just take care of grades!

Get used to the school – Start a new chapter in your Sim’s life at the historic University of Britechester or the modern Foxbury Institute. Live in a dorm or off campus, explore the Britechester by bike, spend time in the communal area and study in the library. Cheer on during school events and wear school colors with pride.

Learn with class – Enroll in a university and choose courses that interest you: biology, computer science, art history or even villainism. Come to lectures or write essays and create presentations – the more your Sim learns, the more successful it will be. Attending or leaving classes will affect your Sim’s grades, so you’ll need to learn how to manage time.

Get to know, visit and discover – the way your Sim finds its place at the university depends on you. Study all night to finish your homework, or relax and sleep. Thanks to activities like juice-pong, ball juggling or spending time with roommates, resting has never been so fun! Join school organizations dedicated to robotics, discussion and art – even a secret society is waiting for you! With the passing semesters, Sims will discover the best versions of themselves and find out who they want to become.

Show your style on campus – Decorate Sim’s room with personal accessories to make him feel at home in a dorm. Give the Sim the style you want, regardless of whether he wears tracksuits he slept in or the best outfit, he can always show the school spirit or impress his friends.

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