Titanic: Honor and Glory Download PC Game Crack Torrent

Titanic: Honor and Glory Download PC Game Crack Torrent


New informations – about games and our Titanic: Honor and Glory Download PC:

The first-person adventure game engine CryEngine 3, which the authors set themselves as the most faithful reproduction of the famous Titanic during its first (and last) voyage. We can take part in the history of a man who while traveling by boat trying to find evidence for clearing his name of the serious allegations, or enjoy the free mode and will explore the title liner, as well as the port of Southampton, which sailed in 1912.

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System Requirements


    • Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • DirectX 11 graphics card with 1Gb Video RAM
    • Dual core CPU
    • 8GB Memory
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Informations about Titanic: Honor and Glory PC Game

Titanic: Honor and Glory Download Game is an adventure game where the action revolves around the RMS Titanic – a huge passenger ship that collided with an iceberg and sank during its first voyage, in 1912. The crash killed several hundred people, and the event went down in history. Mapping of events in an interactive format took a small independent studio ORM Entertainment. Initially production was to be the only modification to the shooter Crysis 2, but eventually evolved into a separate, stand-alone project.

As befits a play about the Titanic: Honor and Glory crack cpy disaster, the action takes place in the year 1912. You play a man named Robert Morgan, who has been falsely accused of a terrible crime. The adventure begins in the English port of Southampton. Hero know on the run from the police, combined with the pursuit for the true perpetrator of the act attributed to the protagonists. Initially, our task is to find a way to penetrate the deck of the ship of the title, and then – in time for the cruise – the search for evidence of his innocence while avoiding those that could recognize us criminal. Quiet adventure lasts five days, until the collision with the iceberg Titanic: Honor and Glory -then events are gaining momentum, and for Robert Morgan as important as finding the circumstantial evidence incriminating the true perpetrator of the crime, suddenly becomes the mouth of the life of the sinking liner.

However, as described above story is just an addition to the main attraction, which is the same RMS Titanic: Honor and Glory download pc. In addition to the story mode, in which Robert Morgan help clear his name, waiting for us here also free mode. We can give him a calm, unhurried sightseeing port of Southampton (or at least the major part of it), as well as, of course, the liner. Developers put a point of honor as closely as possible to restore the ship – gathered a huge amount of information about it, to reconstruct in minute detail both the same liner, as well as scenes of his first (and last) voyage. As a result, we can look at literally every nook and cranny on the Titanic, interacting with many facilities on board.

Authenticity virtual ship and travel it adds detailed visuals, developed using advanced graphics engine CryEngine 3.


The game’s narrative targets a 23-year-old American Oxford University graduate named Owen Robert Morgan. He should board the RMS Titanic: Honor and Glory download full game in an attempt to clear his name and to locate the real offenders after being mistaken for an international criminal. Once the player is on board the boat, the player must perform particular jobs of an actual crewman and fix a cabin of his own. Once the Titanic hits the iceberg, the player has 40 minutes and 2 hours to totally solve the mystery.

There are three additional game modes planned to be contained in the game. The most notable is Tour Mode, which will permit the player to investigate the city of Southampton as well as both the ship at their leisure with no constraints of Story Mode. The next way, Simulator Way, will give the player the chance to sail the Titanic: Honor and Glory crack 3dm and maybe other boats on the open ocean. The last game style intended is Multiplayer Mode that is in the concept stage. It’ll comprise two sub-modes: Sinking Way and Voyage Style. The latter will enable players to experience the Titanic: Honor and Glory crack skidrow together. Passenger services and deck games will even be available.



Titanic: Honour and Glory is set in April 1912 from the tenth to the fifteenth of the month or maybe even afterwards to depict the coming of RMS Carpathia in New York and the aftermath encircling the eponymous calamity. Essential to the story is the transatlantic maiden voyage of Titanic, while an explorable model of the city of Southampton is to be developed (with plans for Belfast and Queenstown, Ireland; Cherbourg, France and New York City).


The single player character is Owen Robert Morgan, who’s fictional together with the antagonist for the game. Mostly passengers, historical characters and crew are to be included. Those confirmed are Captain Edward John Smith, Thomas Andrews, J. Bruce Ismay, John Jacob Astor IV, Benjamin Guggenheim, Lawrence Beesley, Wallace Hartley and his orchestra, Masabumi Hosono, Joseph Laroche, Helen Candee, the Sage Family and the Guarantee Group.


Oxford graduate Owen Robert Morgan is erroneously suspected of a crime that he didn’t commit, so he follows the unlawful onboard the RMS Titanic in hopes of clearing his name, while seeing a buddy.

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