Troll and I Download Game PC Crack Multiplayer Torrent

Troll and I Download Game PC Crack Multiplayer Torrent


New informations – about games and our Troll and I Download PC:

Action adventure divided into episodes. Players preside over the destinies of two characters – a boy named Otto and Troll, who roam the dangerous land located in northern Europe. During the game you must use the unique abilities of both characters.


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Screenshot Game:

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System Requirements


    • CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E8400 vs AMD Athlon X2 4200+
      RAM: 2 GB
      OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 32 & 64 Bit
      Video Card: ATI Fire Pro 2270 512MB OR XFX GeForce 9600 GT 512MB Graphic card
      Direct X dx 10 / 11 / 12 compatible
      Sound Card: YES
      Free Disk : 10 GB

Informations about Troll and I PC Game

Troll and I Download Game is a third-person action game for the PC from developers from the studio Spiral House. The team helped with several well-known projects, including even MotorStorm, LittleBigPlanet and Blur.

In the production we follow the fate of two characters – a young boy named Otto and big Troll. The action begins with a mysterious cataclysm that destroyed the village of the former heroes. Consequently, he has been forced to look for a new home. Already at the beginning of the journey he met but mentioned the beast, whom he befriended. An unusual pair embarks on a shared journey, during which not only discover the secrets of the world, but also to examine the emotional bond between the characters.

The action production was located in 1950 in northern Europe. Players roam the enclosed locations that are full of various traps and dangers. On our way are primarily hunters troll with whom we have to fight, using the powers and abilities of both characters. Otto is slick and perfect command of the spear, and the Troll is characterized by great strength and magical abilities.

Fighting is not the only part of the game Troll and I crack cpy – sometimes it is better to bypass the danger of creeping up. To do this you can use small stature or power Otto Troll, which can make the characters become invisible. In addition, the fun should take care of the food, for example. Hunting animals. All this is complemented by crafting system, or production of weapons and items with found items.

The Troll and I download pc takes place in singles and cooperation. In the first case, the fun we have to switch between characters to overcome another obstacle. While in the second one player takes control of Otto and the other on the Troll.


Establish in the 1950’s, in the unpleasant, requiring landscape of Northern Europe, ‘Troll and I download free’ is a third person, episodic, action adventure in which the player chooses (flip flop) control of two unlikely friends; a young lad called Otto who’s agile, skilful with a spear and deft with melee weapons; and a giant, magic Troll, also in his infancy and yet to learn and exploit the magical abilities of his kin.


We needed something more than a regular third person action adventure and so implemented a heartfelt emotional narrative, along with multiple, controllable, comparing characters that have a distinctive presence and gameplay function. Together, as a team, they need to rid the world of Troll Hunters and creatures, close gaping fractures that litter the landscape and find a way home. It’s an arduous journey a journey that can test their friendship to the limits, with many big challenges. For Troll’s are feared by individuals and humans are banished from the Troll world.

The Troll and I crack 3dm has sprinklings of varied genres including RPG’s and Action Adventures. It has long range weapon systems with durability and damage worth to manage and a layered melee. It relies heavily on an inventory system with crafting and collecting nutritional supplements to produce numerous weapons. A stealth system that enables the player if he selects, to plan his approach can be used by the boy and the Troll has various magic abilities that are honed disguise, hide or to shield both characters. The magic isn’t designed to be a weapon; Trolls in our game world are usually good natured creatures, unless endangered of course.

When the match begins, Trolls are not reflected by the narrative as legend and myth, not unlike the Yeti or Sasquatch. The typical public have learned about the potential sightings and the horror stories that were glorified, but have no real evidence that Trolls exist… until now!


Single Player, direct control, dual protagonist teamwork with magic and boy troll
Multiplayer, coop play (stretch goal)
Melee and long range fight
Melee and long range weapons, crafting
Survival, hunt animals and forage for food
Puzzle solve
Explore, scale, leap using both characters collectively or independently as a team
Skills and capabilities, update with ability points
Varying enemies and factions
Plot, story
Collectable’s, Troll lore, Troll Hunter strategies
Changing gameplay strategy

The central characteristic is the way in which they come together and form a team in the face of adversity, dual protagonist management and the switchable. They’re from different worlds; they appear different; they have another function in the game; they’re both being hunted and they both want the same thing. But not only is this carried through the story, it is embedded in the gameplay too. You cannot play with this game without commanding both characters as a team or as individuals. Both will have to traverse the human world and also the Troll world while avoiding the numerous pitfalls that lie in wait.

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