Visage Download PC Game – Full Version + Crack

Visage Download PC Game – Full Version + Crack


New informations – about games and our Visage Download PC:

The first-person adventure game in the Convention psychological horror. During the game we get to the gloomy mansion, which over the centuries has witnessed many events that are horrible, and its inhabitants fell into insanity, committing homicide and suicide. Our job will be to find a way to escape from this place and unravel his dark secret.


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Informations about Visage PC Game

Visage Download Game is released for Windows PC platform first-person adventure game, kept in the convention psychological horror. He’s responsible for creating the name debut, the Canadian studio SadSquare. Production of games supported has been incredibly successful campaign crowdfundingową on the site Kickstarter, in which managed to collect an amount more than three times higher than the anticipated monetary target.


The game Visage crack skidrow were deposited inside the depressing houses, which over the centuries has observed many horrific events. The estate individuals murdered his whole family, and fall prey to madness – regularly topped suicide – was nearly on the schedule. Over the many years these events have gathered so much that now practically every corner of the house conceals the memory of the quarterback up there once a nightmare. The entertaining players take on the role of a hero trapped inside the mansion as it is possible to guess. Although everything around tells him that he should run away from here as soon as possible – to do this, you’ll first need to unravel a dark secret house.


In accordance with the rules of the genre, playing in the game Visage crack pc it comes down mainly to the investigation of additional rooms, rooms and hallways cavernous houses and gradually discover its secrets. During the game we’re able to raise relevant to the storyline of things and control specific aspects of the surroundings. The whole puts the emphasis not on the activity, but gradually built setting and accompanied us every step of fear. And our lives lie in wait, and although the game studio SadSquare departure is an integral part of the game roam the mansion phantoms, if rescue that is required to escape and while having interesting we cannot fight, and the best means to live is to avoid confrontation.

Quite fascinating is the fact the storyline of the game is not somewhat linear, and its course is determined picks made by us. In addition, much of the unfolding events in the house is randomly created with the beginning of the game, making each new game is unique.

Technical problems

Released on the PC platform Windows game Visage download pc game has a high-quality, comprehensive art, created using innovative Unreal Engine 4. During the exploration we can feel genuinely overwhelming atmosphere of the property, and each room home is important for the development of action items and filled with details, compounded farther the evocative soundtrack and mysterious noises coming from everywhere. An undoubted edge of the game is, in addition, support for a set of virtual reality, the use of which allows us to further improve the gaming experience of the game.

Visage crack working is an independent survival horror video game in development by SadSquare Studio. Similar to Allison Road, the game is a spiritual successor to P.T. The game is now running Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns.

Visage will be place inside a massive house by which awful things have happened. Players will be shown and will relive fragments of history that may send scares to player. Players will be dragged by each of these fragments nearer to what’s behind the dark history of the area. Players will witness, first hand, how people died in the house that is terrifying. Each passing has its visage.

Official Trailer YouTube:


The game occurs in a secluded town in the 1980s. The source of the house has been there for centuries, and its foundations never seem to rot. Tons of families have resided here. Many of them died viciously, while their lives were lived by others placidly within their treasured dwelling.[citation needed]


Similar to Allison Road, Visage center gameplay would be to capture the spirit of the cancelled Silent Hills project, and is inspired by P.T.. SadSquare Studio was inspired by other survival horror video games.
Visage was declared in September 2015 a year ago,[when?] And while news in the programmers slowed down over christmas, It appears like they’re getting their social channels up and running in the new year.

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