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The economic strategy of Frontier Developments, in which we play the role of a zoo manager. Planet Zoo is distinguished by realistically rendered animals, having their own characters and needs described in detail.

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Planet Zoo is an economic strategy in which we run a zoo. The production can be considered a continuation of the Planet Coaster released in 2016 (although it differs from the subject – in that title we ran an amusement park, not a zoo). Frontier Developments studio (also known for the Elite: Dangerous space simulator, RollerCoaster Tycoon series and Jurassic World Evolution) is responsible for its creation and release. Mechanics At Planet Zoo, our task is to run a zoo efficiently. It is necessary to adapt individual runs to the needs of a given animal (described by an extensive set of statistics). We decide, among others about the terrain, we care about the right vegetation, shelter, and the guests’ impressions (by choosing the right buildings, as well as the design and decor of the park). It is also necessary to take into account the financial condition of the zoo we run. In the game you can find a wide range of animals such as elephants, wolves, bears, lions, hippos and giraffes. There is a lack of sea inhabitants and animals that would be suitable for a minizoo. Each creature has different needs, behaviors and even its own character. Almost all our decisions, even as trivial as the arrangement of bushes, can be important for the well-being and condition of our pupils. Realistic representation of animals is one of the most important features of Planet Zoo – creatures think, feel and behave very similarly to their real world counterparts. It also means that, unfortunately, they sometimes die of old age. The creators from the Frontier Developments studio have also included in their production some interesting mechanics, such as genetics and reproduction, thanks to which we can acquire reference specimens that we will sell with greater profit. The game also has a variable weather system that takes into account what continent our zoo is located on. Game modes At Planet Zoo, we can only play alone. The basis of the game are single-player modes – Sandbox and a story campaign. The Frontier Developments title also offers limited network functionality – you can share your scenery, habitats, and even entire gardens with the community through the Steam Workshop platform. Technical issues Planet Zoo has a very attractive, three-dimensional graphic design. The game world is quite detailed, but the best impression is definitely made by animals – their models are realistic and very well animated. The creators even used a special technology that is responsible for reliable fur simulation.

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